Why do you want to use the term social business in 2015?


Now is the time not to hide in the marketing shadows! Now is the time to use the term social business!
Now is the time not to hide in the marketing shadows! Now is the time to use the term social business!

Why do you want to use the term “social business” in 2015?

Will using social business instead of social media confuse my clients?

Why the change in terms?

About a year ago, I started to use the term social business in my daily business interactions with tweets and other professionals. I wanted to see what the reactions would be….

My social reactions were positive to the name social business. (FYI- I didn’t create this term. I discovered it online..It rang the right bell with me in talking to clients and friends).  The word “social” points toward unique skill sets needed to conduct business with many social venues, many customer personas, and many focuses. In short, social business now incorporates a very wide subject- matter offering many types of internet and digital technologies to solve your branding and sales problems.

Social media is becoming known as social business!

In 2015, organizations are developing return on investment ideas. With this thinking and the manipulation of big data, companies are looking to name social media activities into a silo name acceptable to both senior management and new employees. Your clients are looking to do the same with their social media marketing activities. ..Wouldn’t it be a great idea for your business to lead them into this new thinking?

Social business is the new name describing all the types of activities used to create and build customer relationships through social networking, content marketing, on line discussions/comments, online reputation management, and crisis management. Also, traditional and new media venues and tactics are still used: posts, text, infographics, photos, video, podcasts, mobile, local search, and Search Engine Optimization, etc.

Social business is STILL an evolving technological outreach endeavor. Your business STILL needs to create content marketing snippets for product or expertise information sharing.  This is part of a new business ecosystem focusing on instantaneous customer interactions on the top, middle,  and bottom of the sales and marketing  funnels.

Again, the tenets of what social business, aka social media, accomplishes hasn’t changed..

  • Social business, aka social media, is part of the content marketing umbrella
  • Your social networks and profiles continue to expand your outreach to prospects, customers, influencers, and all types of media agencies
  • Your business still needs to be honest, transparent, and understand the customers point of needs
  • Your social media channels need to focus on where your present and future customers are active and where new customers can be acquired
  • Your social media channels change based on your goals, your customers movements, and product points of need
  • You still need to be proactive with your online monitoring and crisis management skills
  • Your are a media agency for your products, mission, and organizational accomplishments

What other skills are needed with the term social business….

  • Real-time decision making based on product/industry incidents with a 24 X 7 approach
  • Your social business personnel become buyer advocates, they know your customers better than your marketing and public relations staff
  • Big data manipulation and analytics
  • Enterprise wide collaboration (Yes, other employees within your organization begin to use social business techniques to solve internal issues and conflicts)

What can businesses and organizations expect from the new term social business….

  • Both your website and 3rd party venues (Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram) become digital media centers. Your employees will send customers to the proper online locations for what they need
  • Now your customers seek validation in doing business with you. Your content acts as the voice and personality of your organization
  • Your content curation activities (sharing other people’s ideas and content) increases because of a lack of well developed talent in your organization
  • You will seek out individuals with unique abilities to adopt social business technologies to fit your needs and those of customers within the digital landscape
  • Your frame of reference in preparation for social media incidents becomes scenario-focused based on industry problems and competitor failures
  • Your business now focuses on how to define and develop the right distribution channels for your content
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