Your Facebook Page options are….

pf button big Your Facebook Page options are....

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The bloom is not off the flower! Your Facebook page still counts.

Yes Facebook organic reach is lowering!

If you think the above is true keep reading!

In short, Facebook business users now understand the filter feed syndrome…If your posts or content are interesting and relevant to your fans and employees, they will be interacted with in their timelines.

Facebook is not a bad business, Facebook needs to evolve to pay the bills and provide better technologies to its users.

What are your options for your Facebook Page?

-Cancel your account. Try other social media or business venues.

-Now is the time to review other social media tools. Which will assist your situation the best? Which will enhance your Facebook marketing strategy?

-Stop treating your Facebook Page like a TV station! Now you have to interact and share your stories and media with other Facebook users, Pages, communities, and places.

-Start to converse with people as your Facebook longer conduct fire and forget messaging!

– Advertise on Facebook because of the mobile and social options being built into this social network

Why am I encouraging my clients to keep their Facebook Pages?

-Facebook Pages still provide strong search engine results page listings

-Facebook Pages are actively sought out by consumers, potential employees, and industry professionals to determine the personality and reputation of a business

-Facebook needs to address how to deal with so much content running around on their social network…They are developing their users into proper content marketers

-Facebook advertising is the best bang for the buck, if a piece of content or post is well liked by present fans, it will serve well being advertisied

-Facebook is an evolving disruptive technology. Sooner or later, new and old users will return to the network due to need, family, business, employment, health, and reputation management

-Facebook offers big data information to businesses about its consumers, potential employees, or competitors

-Facebook allows all types of users to share content they don’t create…Can assist you with your content marketing strategy and efforts

-Hashtags are becoming understood by the Facebook crowd. Expect your users to look for these in your FB posts

How are you dealing with reduced audience reaches of your Facebook Pages? Please share!

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